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The diagnosis is made on the basis of epidemiological data, clinical signs, pathological changes and laboratory results. At the same time, it is necessary to examine the contents of Medrol pills intestine for the presence of a toxin produced by pathogens in a neutralization reaction.

In the laboratory, microscopy of smears prepared from cultures and pathological material is carried out; isolate a pure culture of the microbe and determine its virulence in laboratory animals. Fresh pieces of parenchymal organs, tubular bone, affected areas of the abomasum and duodenum, contents of the small intestine, lymph nodes, blood from the heart are sent to the laboratory.

Body temperature within 40 °C. Reflexes are weakened. When the animal recovers, the appetite improves, the functions of the gastrointestinal tract are restored.

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The subacute course of the disease occurs in adult sheep and lambs, sometimes it is a continuation of a hyperacute or acute course. In animals, digestion is disturbed, there is no appetite, thirst, diarrhea appear, fatness is quickly lost. Stools thin, offensive, with mucus and blood. The illness lasts 10-12 days. Pregnant sheep are often aborted.

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